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About Cowfolks Care

The CFC Team:

Sheila Carlson: President/Founder

Cara Hemme: Treasurer/Public Relations

Ann Little: Director/Public Relations

Cowfolks Care EIN: 46-4402678

We would like to tell you about a wonderful group on Facebook and how Cowfolks Care came to be.

In July 2013, Sheila Carlson noticed many people having difficulties in their lives. Some had lost jobs, some had serious medical issues and were in the end stages of cancer, some were still fighting the fight. Like many others, Sheila did what she could to help out but it just didn’t seem to be enough. After much thought and some prayer asking for guidance, the idea of Cowfolks Care came to her. In her own words, “It just felt right and I knew it was a mission that I wanted to start, be a part of and be able to accomplish something positive." She also realized this was something she wouldn’t be able to do on her own.

She set out to find the right people to help. It didn’t take long to choose her first team; Each member brought a different element and ability to the table, and they worked great together. Through the years, as our team has changed, we have had some great new staff members join the fold! These new members have really stepped up to fill in and take charge where needed. "I‘m blessed indeed by who chooses to join the team!" Sheila says. The staff consists of volunteer cattle women who utilize their individual skills in their mission, while working towards the common goal of helping those in need.

Cowfolks Care is all about helping folks in the American ranching and agriculture communities who are facing major medical issues. We receive many requests for help; and while each story tugs at our heartstrings, we are only able to help one at a time. Each person's situation is carefully discussed to make sure that we come to the best decision. The next step is to verify the story - we might ask for anything including receipts and letters from Doctors.

Our first fundraising event was held on Facebook in August of 2013, for a very sick young man whose wish was to be a cowboy. Since that time we have held multiple fundraisers. We also have General FUNdraisers to help with operating costs, Thanksgiving Meals, and emergency help funds.  All funds raised go the the chosen recipient, we never take a percentage or fee!

*Each year in November we send out gift cards to help families with purchasing their Thanksgiving meals.

*In December we do a project called "Cowboy Christmas Angels" where we send gift cards for groceries and fuel, as well as gifts for the families in need.

Cowfolks Care also has our hand in reaching out to the elder community who may feel alone at this special time of year. We really want to make the holidays a little better for families and older folks. In fact we try to let them know they are not forgotten, with our Cowfolks Card Care-A-Van group

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generosity and caring hearts of our donors and the bidders! They step up each month and help make the fundraisers a success, and to them we owe a debt of gratitude. The distance they go to help is humbling indeed! Our membership on the Facebook group continues to grow and with it comes more caring folks, ready to step up and help someone in need.

If you are interested in finding out more about what Cowfolks Care can do, have a look through this

website or check us out on Facebook.

Cowfolks Care
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Cowfolks Care