Meet our February 2024 Recipient, Ronin Rigali

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Ronin Rigali:
Ronin was born on June 9th 2023 into a beautiful family of four sisters and his mommy and dad. The tough news that he was to be born with down syndrome and the often accompanying heart problems, weighed heavy on the anxious hearts of his family who wanted only to welcome him home with a healthy heart. He lived for five months in Children's hospital in Dallas, one hour and 15 minutes from their tiny ranch home. Initially the doctors said he would need heart surgery at around six months of age but he couldn't last long in his condition. The surgeon told his dad, that he would need a stint (tube) placed in one of his tiny heart valves if there was any chance to save Ronin. His heart was about the size of a finger nail. To not operate on the 3 lb boy would mean zero chance of survival. Operating would not greater the odds by much. Dad gave the surgeons the green light and by God's mercy the procedure was successful, for now. Ronin would come home for a few weeks but he soon outgrew the temporary heart repair and was life flighted to Dallas. (His second helicopter ride. )on December 18th. He soon underwent another surgery, this time to open his small chest and essentially rebuild his tiny heart. He weathered the storm on December 18th and then on December 29th complications required that they reopen his chest and address a valve problem. Today he is healing in the hospital and his heart is thumping away. He has a long way to go and his sisters and cousins, aunts, uncles, mom and dad, grandparents and family friends are all anxious to get him home.

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