Meet our youngest recipient, 4 month old Jase!

On 1/4/18 a simple ER check up for possible RSV symptoms turned into a much different scenario for Jase and all of the Gibson/Ryan Family. While we're all still waiting for the final confirmation it seems Jase has a hard mass around his aorta that is called Neuroblastoma, which is a type of rare cancer found mostly in children. Jase was transferred by the Panda team to Doernbecher's Children Hospital on 1/5/18 and is currently still there awaiting test results. We are waiting for his urine sample to come back to say for sure this is neuroblastoma, but are proceeding as though they are right. Jase will have more testing today and tentatively is scheduled to have is port for chemo placed Friday 1/12/18. The tumor is surrounding some vital organs, so they are not able to surgically remove the tumor.
Holly and James have been staying at Doernbecher's with Jase and a lot of costs have been incurred already so far for testing, diagnostic procedures and cost of living expenses, and will continue to rise as the process proceeds. While unfortunately there's not a whole lot we can do to stop this terrible thing from happening we can all help out as best we can which means tons of good vibes, loads of prayers and bunches of happy thoughts along with some monetary supplementation if you are able. This sounds like it could be a long road for Holly and James and Jase any help is much appreciated!
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