Cowboy Christmas Angels 2018

We are currently finishing up our

2018 Cowboy Christmas Angels!

We are so very thankful to all those who have

reached out, donated, adopted an angel

or adopted a family and helped us to

help others during the holidays!

Cowfolks Care News & Events

December 2018

Cowfolks Care Sock Drive Challenge:
Okay folks, did you know that Cowfolks Care is doing a Sock Drive Challenge? Darn tootin' we are!!

There's still time to help make a difference for those who might not have much. There's still time to send socks to us, or funds to purchase the socks, or even to create your own team to help one of your local organizations! It's all about helping others!! The link to our group is:
We've picked Dec 20th as cutoff for challenge. But I'll still take any socks after that date cuz everyone should have socks on their feet, especially during the winter! Create your own team and tell us the name! And please send us pictures of your teams and your donation drop off!
Don't miss out!! Pass on the challenge!! ♡