Meet Our June 2020 Recipient, Fran Best Kilcrease...

Fran Best Kilcrease and her husband Roland, have ranched from Montana, where Fran was born, to Texas. Fran never shirked from any work, was known as a heck of a hand, and always pulled her weight. She has 2 grown children. Before they left their last ranch job Fran found a place in Timberon in the New Mexico mountains so they’d have a place to go.
Roland and Fran were enjoying their home in the mountains, where Roland found time to build saddles and they did occasional day work.
Fran began to feel unwell and Roland took her to the ER where she was diagnosed with a “bad infection” on Sunday, May 24th. Things went from bad to worse quickly, and Roland took her again to the ER where she was admitted to the hospital in Alamogordo, New Mexico. She could no longer breathe and was placed on a ventilator and intubated. Her organs began to fail and blood platelets were needed. They were only available in El Paso, TX. Fran was airlifted there on Thurs. May 28th. She left this world on May 30, 2020. June 1st would have been her and Roland’s 16th anniversary, and June 21 Fran would have turned 60.
The family is left with large medical bills they don’t have the ability to pay.

I hope we can help this family out in the same spirit Fran helped others out, without a moment of hesitation.
The FUNdraiser will take place on our facebook group:

and starts 6am June 12 until June 14, 7pm Arizona time.

We hope to see you there!

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